About Us

December 2012

My husband and I are both 33, and have been trying to have a baby since December 2012. When we first started trying, we knew that there might be some issues conceiving, but were fairly confident that we would be able to start our family fairly quickly.

Here’s the thing, my husband was born at 32 weeks, and had many complications when he was born. He was born with undescended testicles, as well as hypospadias. After many surgeries as a child, they were able to pull down one testicle, but could never find the second. It was these issues that made us think there might be a problem, but all of our research said that:

a) you only need 1 testicle to produce sperm

b) hypospadias shouldn’t cause any problems conceiving, other than the sperm maybe not getting in the right place. A quick google search helped us overcome this issue by using a little syringe to get things where they needed to be.

September 2013

We moved and changed jobs, which meant we had to put baby-making on hold until my job was stable enough to get maternity leave. That being said, I never went back on the pill, nor did we start using any kind of protection. Essentially, all we stopped doing was using the little syringe, so in theory, I guess we were still trying.

January 2014

We got engaged!! Hey! Might as well get married while waiting for the job status to improve!

August 2015

Got married!!

September 2015

Start trying again…..first stop: Fertility Clinic.