The Beta Story

1st Beta at 17dpo: 46 – Cause for concern, come back in 3 days.

2nd Beta at 20dpo: 157 – More than tripled! All is good, but come back in 4 days just to make sure it continues to rise properly.

My second beta was on a Thursday, and was the first time I actually let myself believe I was pregnant. I could NOT believe this was happening. I was sick as a dog with nausea, and absolutely loved every minute of it. I was still very nervous about Monday’s beta, but at the same time, thought…..this is it, my luck is finally changing 🙂

3rd Beta at 24dpo: 49 – I don’t think I’ve ever been more devastated in my life. Was told that I would miscarry, and to make an appointment with the Dr to discuss the next step. Also need to come back for more betas until levels get to 0.

We met with the Dr. where he gave us 3 options:

  1. Chalk it up to bad luck and try again.
  2. Have another Hysteroscopy/Sonohystogram to check uterine cavity
  3. Go through PGD testing on the blasts we have left to check for chromosomal normality.

Info on PGD:
Cost: $5000-$6000
What it entails: The 3 blasts we have would have to be thawed, biopsied, frozen again, then thawed again for a transfer. The 3 4-day embryos would have to be thawed, grown to day 5 (which not all will make it), biopsied, frozen again, and then thawed again to transfer. This seems like a lot of messing around with those embryos, that may or may not cause damage.
Stats: For women my age, 1/3 of day-3 embryos are usually normal, 2/3 of day-5 blasts are usually normal. That means, that 2 out of the 3 frozen blasts we have should be normal…….and maybe half of the day 4 embryos should be normal.

We decide to go for option #1 this time, and just chalk this one up to bad luck. As soon as my HCG levels return to 0  and AF arrives, we will start a frozen cycle and transfer one of our 4AB 5-day blasts. The top grade is 4AA, so this is just below top grade, so hopefully a good little one.

4th Beta 27dpo: 77 – Wait, what???!!! At this point Dr’s and nurses are confused. Neither have ever seen this happen before, so although they are certain it’s not a viable pregnancy, I am now being monitored for ectopic. Back for more betas!

Day after this beta, I start bleeding. At what would have been exactly 6 weeks of pregnancy. 😦

5th Beta 31dpo: 30 – Starting to fall again, so ectopic is less of a concern.

6th Beta 33dpo: 10 – Good, but not yet 0, one more beta to do

7th Beta 38dpo: 0.7 – Finally. Sigh.

Unfortunately, since my HCG levels took their sweet time to come down, I have to skip this cycle, which is devastating. Currently waiting for next period to start (in about 2 weeks) so we can get on with this.


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