6th Try: IVF #2

After our 3 failed IUI’s, we met with the Dr. and decided to go back to IVF. We were lucky enough to have financial help from our parents, which made the process easier on our wallets. Here we go!!

Start Date: March 14, 2016

Dr Visit:

Our doctor decided to look back and see if there was absolutely anything else that could be hindering our success. He realized, that although my lining has been nice and thick every cycle, it has never been trilaminar, which could improve my chances by %50. He suggests that vaginal viagra could help with that, which I would have to take 4 x day. He says that if my lining is not trilaminar at the time of egg retrieval, then we should do a freeze all cycle, and try a different approach next time. Great, more meds! At this point I’m feeling very discouraged, and feel like my dream is getting farther and farther away.

Short Antagon Protocol and Meds:

Pre-Retrieval Meds:

  • 300iu Gonal F 
  • 150iu Luveris
  • Vaginal Viagra (4 x day)
  • Orgalutran antagonist
  • Ovidrel trigger

Post-Retrieval Meds:

  • Doxycycline (2 x day/7days)
  • Medrol (1 x day/4 days)
  • Dostinex – for OHSS (1 x day/10 days)
  • Baby Aspirin 
  • Vaginal Viagra (4 x day)
  • PIO
  • Estrace (3 x day)


Retrieval this time was much more painful, due to the fact that I had lots more follicles than last time. Although I was nervous, knowing what I was in for, took away some of the panicky feelings that I had last time. Retrieval was on Good Friday, March 25, so the Dr, as he comes in says “so, can we consider this our Easter egg hunt?” At least he has a sense of humour! Due to the high number of follicles, the procedure took longer than last time, about 20-25 minutes. About halfway through, I was starting to be in a lot of pain, so thankfully the Dr. ordered more meds for me. In the end I had 28 eggs retrieved, which put me at a high risk for developing OHSS. Doctor gave me meds for that, and strict instructions to TAKE IT EASY! Thankfully I have the best hubby in the world, so he took good care of me. 

Now, right before retrieval, I had blood work done. My progesterone levels were much higher than they like them to be, (18, when they like to see <5). Because of that I was told my chances of implantation went down to about %30 instead of %40. Therefore, unless we got 3 or more embryos, we shouldn’t do a transfer. This was not great news, but thankfully with our 28 eggs, we had good hopes that we would get a good number of embryos.


4 days after retrieval, on March 29, I got the call that we had one excellent embryo we were transferring that day, and 3 more that were being frozen that day. There were also about 6-8 more embryos that they were going to culture to blast stage, and then freeze. Transfer went well, feel like a pro at this point, and back home for the dreaded 2ww.

The next day I got the call that we had 3 nice day-5 blasts that were going to be frozen. All in all, that means 6 nice little frosties for us. Not too shabby! Feeling very fortunate about this.


During the 2ww I tried my best not to think of anything. At this point, I know that all the symptoms are a result of the drugs I’m taking anyways, so no point symptom spotting. There were a few things that were different though, however didn’t pay much attention to them.

  • Cramping at night, starting about 3-4 days after transfer. Cramping wouldn’t last longer than a minute or so, and only came on a night, which was strange.
  • Lack of sore boobs, which happened every other time on the progesterone.
  • Sore feet……like to the point that it was difficult to stand up…..this could also be from all the weight I’ve put on during this process.
  • Sore bum muscles, like pain under my butt cheeks, which was new and very bizarre.

I chalked up all these symptoms to having super sized ovaries that had not yet healed. Did not think anything of it. 

At 8dp5dt, I took an HPT that came back negative. I figured I was out, but held on to a teeny tiny bit of hope that maybe it was just too early to test. Didn’t have the guts to take another test before beta day.

Beta Day:

Got the call, and was SHOCKED when the nurse told me it was POSITIVE!!!!! This unfortunately however came with a big BUT. My HCG levels were only 46. At 17dpo, they like to see the levels about 100. Anything over 25 is positive, and 46 still falls within the normal range, but the fact that they were low was somewhat of a concern. I was told to come back 3 days later to make sure they have risen. What they are looking for is that they double every 2-3 days. My second beta, 3 days later, HCG was 157! More than tripled! Time to do the happy dance 🙂


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