3rd, 4th and 5th tries: IUI’s #1, #2, #3

Right before we found out our FET failed, the government decided to completely stop funding the IVF program. IVF costs roughly $10 000/cycle, so we had some very important decisions to make.

Meeting with the Dr:

Our Dr suggested that the reason the 2 tries did not work was due to the poor sperm quality from my husband. He said that from here on out, we are better off using the donor, regardless of which treatment we decided to go with. 

Since I have no major known issues, and IUI was still covered by healthcare, we decided to try 3 of those before going back to IVF. Apparently IUI has an %8-%15 chance of working each cycle, which is roughly the same as a healthy couple our age trying naturally (%15). The %8 is because we were using frozen donor sperm. After 3 IUI’s, your chances go down drastically to %4-%8, so we decided we wouldn’t do more than 3.

The IUI process:

I was doing medicated IUI’s, so although it’s MUCH less invasive than IUI, I still had to give myself injectable medications for 3-4 days before the IUI. I then had to take progesterone afterwards for the 2ww. I was on:

  • 150iu Gonal F x 3 days
  • 75iu Luveris x 3 days
  • Ovidrel Trigger

The IUI’s were super easy. I had to get to the clinic an hour before while they prepare the sperm sample. You need a full bladder for the IUI, so that was honestly the worst and most uncomfortable part of the whole thing. Not so bad at all, all things considering! They shoot you up, and then you lay there on the table for 15 minutes, get dressed, and go home. Easy peasy!

2 weeks later, you take a home pregnancy test. If positive, call the clinic for a blood test, if negative, stop meds and wait for period to start, and start all over again.

For the 3rd IUI I ended up with an ovarian cyst. Although it wasn’t a big deal, it did have to be drained which wasn’t a fun procedure, as well as it being $400. 


  • #1: December 2, 2015
  • #2: January 20, 2016
  • #3: February 18, 2016


Sadly every one of these ended in a devastating negative. 


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