2nd try: FET #1

After our failed first attempt, we made an appointment to see the Dr to plan our next step. Our Dr suggested I get an immunology workup done, just to make sure I don’t have any cells in my body that might attack an embryo. That test came back abnormal, so the treatment was to do Intralipid therapy. Easy and painless, but $500 a pop. Joy!

Next step: Transfer our remaining frozen embryo.



  • Estrace (3 x a day)
  • Intralipids (1 week before transfer, then day of transfer as well)

After Transfer:

  • Estrace (3 x day)
  • PIO (1 x day)


Went smoothly. 1 grade 4BC blastocyst. Didn’t really know what that meant, but was told it was good.


Only thing I did differently this time was acupuncture. I started the day of transfer then did it 3 more times over the two week wait. I can’t say that I enjoyed it at all, but I was willing to do anything if it would help!

Beta Day:

Another negative. This one more devastating than the last, as it was really our last possible shot at having a child that was biologically my husbands. Having a hard time picking ourselves up after this.


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