1st try: IVF #1

September 14, 2015

After all of our testing, we had an appointment to see the Dr. He gave us the results of our tests, and said that our only option right now due to hubby’s azoospermia. Thankfully the government where we live covers 3 fresh IVF cycles, so all we have to pay for is meds. Here’s what the Dr suggests we do:

  • TESA: This is where they take needles and remove testicular tissue to see if there are any swimmers hiding out in there. We are told that about 50% of the time in azoospermia cases, they are able to find some good usable sperm. Because of that, Dr. says that we have to try it, because if we go with a donor right away, we will always wonder “what if”. My husband is not exactly thrilled about the procedure, and is quite nervous. Not sure if he’s more nervous about the needles, or whether or not they will find anything. But he’s willing to give it a try.
  • Donor on back-up: Since there is only a 50% chance of finding anything, we are told to have donor on back-up to use in case. Not worth me going through the whole stimming process and egg retrieval, if there is nothing to fertilize the little eggies. 
  • IVF with ICSI 

Choosing a Donor

After getting the results from the sperm analysis, we already had had the talk about using a donor. Although hubby and I are devastated that he may never be able to have his own biological children, we are both completely ok with using a donor. We start our search for a donor, which is such an odd process! There are these online sperm banks, where you can search by hair colour, eye colour, weight, height, nationality, etc. Once you narrow down your search fields, you click on the donor and get their whole profile. Everything from how far they went in school, and their likes/dislikes, to their complete family and personal medical history. Some even have pictures and a personal essay! I have to say the process was very strange at first, but in the end we chose a donor who we felt matched my husbands physical traits as much as possible, with a nice and clean medical history. We decided to go with an anonymous donor, so all we have is the donor #. We are so incredibly thankful that there are donors out there, who have so generously offered up their help to couples like us. 


Because we are using a donor, our government requires that we meet with a psychologist first. This is the first time either one of us are talking to a psychologist, and are quite nervous about it. Even though we’ve been told many times that she is not there to “yay” or “nay” our ability to use the donor, we both felt like it was a bit of a test. That being said, the appointment was a bit of a joke. We did everything in our power to try and say the right things so that she writes us a good report to put in our file. Not to say that we lied about anything, not at all!! But……we probably did try a little too hard. Oh well, everything went well and we got the good report! Check!


I was on a short antagon protocol, so here were the meds I took:

Before Egg Retrieval: (all injections!!!!)

  • 225iu Bravelle
  • 75iu Menopur
  • Orgalutran (antagonist)
  • Ovidrel (trigger)

After Retrieval: 

  • Doxycycline (2 x day/7 days)
  • Medrol (1 x day/4 days)
  • Estrace (3 x day)
  • Endometrin (3 x day)

I was very nervous about my first injections, took a LOT of strength and bravery to give myself that first shot. Hehe if only I knew how long I’d be doing them for……I’m an old pro now.


The big day was September 25, 2015. I was SO freaking nervous. I knew it was going to hurt, and pain sucks. My husband went for his TESA first, and he was gone for what seemed like 2 hours, but in reality was about 15 minutes. About half an hour later, we find out that they have found 1 sperm. ONE???? ummm……ok??!! We kind of thought they would find a bunch, or zero…..but one? Poor little guy, he’s supposed to have like a million friends, but he’s been swimming around alone for god knows how long. hehe sigh…….at least one is better than none? I mean…..it only takes one, right? 

Soon it was time for my retrieval. I was ushered into the OR with my husband, where I was promptly put on the bed, and given the 50cc of fentanyl. I have to say, that the fentanyl is some awesome stuff. Immediately I felt calmer. Dr put in the speculum and did the cleaning he had to do. With the ultrasound he was able to see that my left ovary was tucked behind my uterus, which meant that he’d have to go through the uterus to get to it. The nurse gave me an extra 50cc of fentanyl, and away he went. There was swearing….so much swearing, and the pain was unbelievable. I’m surprised my husband still has a hand left! 15 minutes later it was over, and I was wheeled back into the recovery room. I was monitored for about an hour, given a snack, and told I needed to be able to pee before I was allowed to leave. Everything checked out. Embryologist came to tell me they got 13 eggs. All was good, and we were released to go sit at home on the couch all weekend relaxing and taking it easy.

Fertilization Report:

3 days later, on Monday, I got the call from the clinic. We had one good 3-day embryo that we were going to transfer that afternoon, and there were 4 more embryos that looked good, that they were going to culture to blast stage in order to freeze. Yay!! Called my husband, and off we went for the transfer.


So remember, when we left after the retrieval, we were told they only found 1 sperm. We are assuming at this point, that at least one of the embryos are from the donor, but in my excitement of them calling me, I completely forgot to ask! That meant, that as we were in the OR, sitting in gown and scrubs, we had to ask the embryologist the question that made us feel like the trashiest of Maury guests……..”who’s this embryo from?” 

Turns out, that they found more sperm in the tissue after letting it rest, and all the embryos were from my husband.  Apparently that’s a thing. “Ok, Jerry, you go out there and check things out, we’re gonna stay here until we know it’s safe!” Lazy ass sperm! 


The 2 week wait was pretty uneventful. Felt every possible pregnancy symptom, which of course was more due to the estrace and progesterone, but still. I was certain it was going to work, I mean we had done everything right, why wouldn’t it work?

Beta Day:

Negative. Devastation sets it. But……at least we have another frozen embryo left. 



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